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Looking Back

Exactly 10 years ago today, the very first entry of this blog was published. Many things have certainly changed since then. When it first started, people wrote casually, about daily life, and from their hearts—which some people still do to this day. However, nowadays it’s more common to feel like our ‘loaf’ or ‘fish’ isn’t good enough to be posted here, and we would much rather write in a personal blog or not write at all. That’s a pretty far stretch from how we started. Continue reading

Rekindling a Love for Writing

Wondering what happened to the English Writers’ Retreat (EWR) this year? It is being held in Sunderland, UK! Under the UK DLM, the event is locally known as Literary Ministry Seminar (LMS) as it covers a wider scope of Literary Ministry, providing training for aspiring and experienced writers, editors, proofreaders, and graphic designers. For more details, please visit:

Currently, the USGA is planning the next release of a revamped website and is calling for new devotionals, testimonies, and full-length articles. Even if you are unable to attend LMS or have little writing experience, you can still get involved in this project because the first and most important step is being interested in serving God through Literary Ministry.

A great way to start is by contributing right here to this blog. Continue reading

New Blog Feature: Mobile Browsing

Five Loaves and Two Fish is now able to support mobile browsing. Give it a try: visit the blog with your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android device. The blog will automatically detect and reformat the site. Leave a comment to let us know if it works with your mobile device.


Thank God for his wonderful guidance–Five Loaves and Two Fish has been online for over two years. Recently the content management system was upgraded for the first time. Writers will see a different interface when they log-in, but the process of submitting contributions remains the same. Readers should see no major difference. Let us know in the comments or via the CONTACT page if you find any bugs. God bless!