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Sea of Glass

Make my heart
A sea of glass
So that in the stillness

I will come to seek
Your nearby presence
Deep within,

I will come to trust
Your silent slumber
When the tempest tosses,

I will come to witness
Your strong rebuke
To the surrounding billows,

I will come to believe
Your mighty hand
To save.

In this stillness,
A sea of glass,
Is my heart.

(Revelation 4:6 & Mark 4:35-41)


O God,
You are my God;
Early will I seek You.

Your glory shines forth,
Illuminating a world darkened
By sin and despair.
Your faithfulness awakens
Our slumbering souls
From complacency and frailty.
Your word reverberates
In the stillness of hearts
Who seek Your presence.
Your Spirit stirs us
To tread safely
In Your lighted path.

O God,
You are my God;
Early have I found You.

(Psalm 63:1)


Lord, help me mend the brokenness
Of deep despairing heaviness
That comes from my much focused care
On burdens too heavy for me to bear.

When I am lost in thoughts of “me,”
Please help me remember to bow the knee,
To offer to You my heart and soul,
Not as a part, but as a whole

So that in time, again, I will know
It is Your glory that will show;
Not “me” or “them,” or “us” or “we,”
But You alone surpass eternity.

Because of this, I will trust in You,
To remember that in everything You do
You show Your power without a doubt,
And this, I proclaim with a triumphant shout!

Earthen Vessel

Earthen brown
And stained within,
Yet You chose me
And cleansed me clean
Until I became spotless
In Your potter hands.

Broken, shattered
Across the floor,
Yet You chose me,
Piecing me together,
Mending every crack,
Molding me whole.

A precious gift
Beyond my worth,
Yet You choose me
To hold Your treasure
Until Your glory alone
Shines from within.

(2 Corinthians 4:7)

First Love

He has made everything beautiful
In its time;
When His will and mine
Merge perfectly into one,
When His understanding completes
Mine that is lacking.

In awe will I rise,
Marveling at Your deep-written secrets within me:
Of Your endearing love, so inclusive and pure,
Expressed unconditionally, without exception;
Of Your hope through trials and afflictions,
Through earnest rebuke, and softest rejections;
Of your mercies that fail not
When failures and flaws persist,
When past sins and wrongs resurface;
Of your salvation plan for many,
Yet written specifically for me.

Yes, my soul will rejoice
For I have found You once more!
Among many, You call me blessed,
For my heart will cherish You
More than enraptured feelings renewed.
I will find true satisfaction within You
And I will remember You daily;
I will learn to love You all the more,
For my heart draws near
To the One I adore.

-Ecclesiastes 3:11