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Fall on Your Face

We were outside again and standing on a table tennis table made me feel much taller. “Little me” was only around 8 years old and loved to play games like cops and robber outdoors with other kids from church. I do not remember why exactly I stood on a table tennis table but I do remember the great view I had from there. Then I saw my RE teacher from afar. He was trying to tell me something but I could not hear him since he was too distant (~50m). Intuitively I walked towards him, saw the horrified expression on his face, wondered why he was so upset and — BOOM! Something hit my face really hard, and all I saw was black. Continue reading



Were you just about to close the “Five Loaves and Two Fish” tab? Too busy to read a little sharing or a little encouragement?

As for me, I have to admit that this “oh, right now I am too busy” or “no way, I am dead tired” -attitude of mine would stop me from doing things like kneeling down to pray for 5-10 minutes, reading one or two chapters in the Bible or reading an encouragement laboriously written by one of my fellow brothers and sisters in the Lord. Thinking that these activities only take me a maximum of 15 minutes to do, I wonder what 15 minutes are anyway. Not much in a 24h day, and even less in the course of a lifetime. And yet those 15 minutes reward me with something by far more precious than I would receive if I spent them on something else: A closer relationship with God. Continue reading

Called by Your Name

Have you ever encountered an awkward situation?

One of mine was when I was attending a youth convocation. As I arrived at the church where the convocation would be held a brother came up to me saying: “Hey, long time no see, how are you doing?” Initially I had the impression that I had seen this brother before. Then I remembered: He was one of my fellow group members in the convocation I attended last year. As this brother was still waiting for my response I was struggling in my mind to remember his name. But I simply could not recall his name. So I turned to him saying: “Sorry, I forgot your name. What’s your name again?” Seeing his facial expression I realized that I should not have started our conversation with this question.

Forgetting someone’s name is embarrassing. After all, names are very important. This is the reason why parents usually choose the name for their newborn child very carefully. After they decided on one name, this child will be called by this name for the rest of her/his life.

Turning to the Bible we find that the names of the different characters all play a very important role in understanding that character as every name has its unique meaning. Continue reading