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Learning about Love through Action

We recently organized a camping trip for the upper primary students that I teach at church. My family loves camping so I thought that camping would be a nice experience and outing for them. The aim of the outing was to promote fellowship between parents, teachers and children so that they can get to know each other better. Altogether there were 21 people who joined the outing.

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Reflection on My Life of Faith

Today, I would like to share about the different stages of my life of faith: 1) before my encounter with the True Jesus Church, 2) when I first stepped into a True Jesus Church and 3) after I believed in the True Jesus Church. At different stages, I have been cared for and loved in different ways. Therefore, I would like to reflect and share with you what I have learned.

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Motivation to Preach

These verses in Luke 10 have left a deep impression in me.

Then He said to them, “The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few; therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. Go your way; behold, I send you out as lambs among wolves.” (Luke 10:2-3)

Harvest is referring to non-believers. Laborers are referring to believers sent out to preach to the non-believers. Sending you out as lambs among wolves means that it is not going to be easy when you go out to preach. There will be persecutions and all will not be smooth sailing. This made me think of my challenges in preaching. Continue reading

God Provides

Through the past few months as we immigrated from Japan to New Zealand, we truly experienced the grace of how God provided for us.  Through our experiences, we found out two important things which were that God provides if: 1) what we asked for is in accordance to God’s will and 2) we have the faith and courage to carry it out.

Keep Goals Simple and Aligned to God

We loved it in Japan but there is a dream of a more ideal life.  Our reasons for immigration were merely to be nearer to church, to have more family time and nothing more. By being nearer to church and living a simpler life away from materialistic and busy lifestyle, we believed that we will be able to draw nearer to God as stated in James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Our home in Japan is 1.5 hours drive away from the nearest True Jesus Church and we could only attend church once a week on Sabbath.  We held daily family altar and have home services to introduce Jesus to friends but I have always yearned to live closer to church. Continue reading

Unexpected Gift

Ever since we immigrated to New Zealand in January, with the exception of offerings that the kids bring to Religious Education classes, we have not been offering as we did not bring that much savings from Japan and with no income, we were always wary as to whether we have enough to pay for rent, utilities and groceries.  On 25th March, my husband got his first salary.  I told my husband that I would like to make a thanksgiving offering to God.  He asked whether we have enough to survive and if so then go ahead and we offered most of his first salary to God.

Several days after we offered, out of the blue, a church member came to me and said… you need 2 single beds?  He said that he had a friend who had 2 single beds to give away.  My girls are sleeping on futons and we did not think that we needed beds for them but another church member mentioned that it is too cold to sleep on the carpet during winter and we ended up saying yes to the offer.  After church service, we went to pick up the beds.  The beds are in very good condition and it would have been costly if we were to purchase the beds.  The girls are delighted with their unexpected gift. Continue reading