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Hidden in Christ

For you died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.  (Colossians 3:3)

How can we let others see Christ in us?

As humans, we crave attention.  It is a haven we resort to in order to comfort our loneliness and develop a sense of self-worth.  That is why people spend their whole lives in pursuit of proving themselves to others.  We dress, act, and speak in a certain way to be perceived as intelligent, successful, or even godly.  The danger in this pursuit is that it is intended to glorify ourselves and not God.

Giving up ourselves is the most difficult part in being Christian because it is like putting to death someone you love.  In doing so, we give up the things that defined who we were.  Continue reading

The Best Gifts

I have a pair of earrings that are made out of pink and white seashells and they are very precious to me—more than any pair of earrings I have owned.  I value them so because these earrings were hand-crafted by my most cherished friend.

Sometimes the best gifts in life have little to do with the gift itself but more with the one who gave it.  God gives us many gifts.  They come in the form of a talent, a good job, and a warmly lit sky at sunset.  There is much that God wants to bestow on us but we must believe and wait for His timing because every perfect gift requires faith and more so patience.
Continue reading

Patiently Hope

Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. (Romans 5:5)

During college, whenever my little sister was told that I was coming home, she would wait for me the entire day.  As soon as I jiggled my house key into the lock, I would hear her small footsteps approaching the door.  When she would finally see me, her eyes would widen while she exclaimed my name out loud and ran towards me for a wholesome hug.  It did not matter how frequent I came home, her greetings were always filled with the same sincere excitement.

Being able to look forward to someone’s return or to have hope in something yet to come is healthy to our life.  Hope keeps us grounded and gives us a purpose for waking up each morning but two difficulties accompany hope Continue reading

Sir, Give Me This Water

I remember my peers beginning to date as early as grade school.  I am humored by a memory from kindergarten when a student promised to pick me up on his future motorcycle to go on a date.  It starts with subtle and innocent interactions whereby curiosity and a crush lead further.  For many women, dating becomes a prevalent struggle early on in age.  It might have to do in part with the curse we inherited from Eve, that our desire would be for our husband, but the struggle also originates from other sources that vary for each person.

Some of us do not have a good relationship with our father.  Ideally, in a father-to-daughter relationship, the father would be the figure to provide comfort, confidence, and the endearment that a young princess needs.  But when these are missing in a girl’s childhood, she grows up feeling insecure and hungry for the attention she never received from her father even if her relationship with her mother is good.   As a result, she turns to companionship with men for comfort. Continue reading

God Who Shows Mercy

When we experience God for the first time we begin our faith with zeal and determination.  Then marks the first day and the first prayer from which we plan to change ourselves and commit to daily cultivation.  We carry through with this diligence for an entire year and are thankful because that old self we once knew is behind us, but gradually we find our old self sneaking back into our life.

We are subjected to weaknesses that sometime cause us to sin, but why after praying and reading so much do our weaknesses remain or even grow worse?  We cast out our lustful thoughts and avoid environments that cater to our weaknesses yet that wretched old self continues to taunt us from day to day. Naturally, we become weary from fighting our weaknesses and kneeling down begins to feel burdensome.  Later we make poor choices, pursue worldly acceptance, and mistakenly think we are strong enough to bounce back from resisting the Holy Spirit. Continue reading