Sabbath Rest

I woke up this morning to give thanks of Your love,
For this Sabbath day, a day You’ve given all to us.

In days of trouble, hard times and distress,
I long wait for today for comfort and sweet rest.

No matter what we have done, in the week that has gone by,
To know that You are near me, standing side by side.

I come to church to remember Your love,
To share praise and thanksgiving to help edify us.

Your love is so amazing so strong and so true,
To help us forget what ever we’ve been through.

Time is ticking by; the day is almost over,
I end today to pray, for guidance and closure.

My life I present I give it all to You,
To hope for above that I look forward too.

To strive in my faith, to endure and stay
In this wonderful church the TJC; that continues to praise Your name!!


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