Our Rock

There are days when it’s nice to know that there’s someone or something we can always count on. That if every single possible thing were to go wrong that day, what we rely on will still be there at the end of the day. This is our comfort, our rock. For some, it may be a person – a parent, a friend, or a spouse. For others, one’s stellar career, hard-earned savings, or own ability.

As long as these things remain constant, we can be completely content. But what happens when our reliance is not as unchanging as we thought? We may find out that the future of our company is not as secure as we thought or that our parents’ health is failing. When that happens, is God – our solid Rock – near us to help us?

The Song of Moses in Deuteronomy 32 was Moses’ last words to the people. In it, he summarizes the relationship of the people with their God. Moses was speaking to the chosen people, who should have known to turn to God. This therefore serves as a good reminder to us today.

“He made him draw honey from the rock, and oil from the flinty rock” (Deut 32:13).

“But Jeshurun grew fat and kicked; you grew fat, stout, and sleek; then he forsook God who made him and scoffed at the Rock of his salvation” (Deut 32:15).

“Of the Rock who begot you, you are unmindful, and have forgotten the God who fathered you” (Deut 32:18).

The Song of Moses tells us that God is worthy for us to put our whole trust in. He is unchanging in justice and uprightness, but also merciful to sustain us through dry seasons. In fact, He has actually been supporting us all along and has saved us from tight spots when we had nowhere to turn. But we may accept those blessings, growing fat, without acknowledging Him.

Let us not forget who has given us life and fathered us to this day. Let us remember that no matter what other things people can hang their reliance on, our God trumps any and all of them. Let us guard that belief and hold it always close to our hearts, “for their rock is not like our Rock” (Deut 32:31).

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