Fit or Flabby?

…exercise yourself toward godliness… (1 Tim 4:7)

Godliness is what we should be and how we should act knowing God sees and judges.

Exercising ourselves towards godliness means doing things one thing at a time.

We know the whole body should be fit and healthy. But we cannot exercise every part of our body in one go. You can’t do sit ups and do weight lifts at the same time. if you can, please let me know how!

God’s requirement is reasonable. As He gives us each new day, He wants to see us working out a different part of our spirituality, becoming like Christ. If you face spiritual cultivation like that, then you can appreciate Jesus’ words ring true:

“For My Yoke is easy and My burden is light” (Mt 11:29).

As a disciple, If we have the heart to do what Christ has done, then this is the first attitude we need to have towards our teacher. Also, we should believe that what He has done, He will teach us to do the same. Lastly, just like any good teacher, he breaks things down in steps and manages expectations.

Jesus does not want us to just lift the easy 1kg and forget the 100kg. He wants us to strive to become like Him to lift that 100kg but in a step-by-step manner. Peter did not immediately love the Lord so much that he could die as a martyr for Him on the first day. Peter’s life underwent a transformation where in the end he was able to die for Christ (Jn 21:18-19).

In terms of loving God and loving man, how fit are we?

Let us let go of, “I can’t do it” and embrace, “Jesus will teach me”.

Before you know it, you will be fit as a fiddle!

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