Fixing Our Perspective

thewayjesuslovesAs humans we like to fix things. Or to get new things to replace the things that don’t work the way we’d like them to.

Sometimes, we think we can fix other people too.

This can be motivated by selfishness – such as when we want others to fit a mold based on our personal preferences and ideals, or when we want people to stop doing something just because it annoys us. Other times, it’s motivated by love. We may truly believe that it will benefit others if they do things differently.

But even when we have the best of intentions, we can often hurt rather than help others through the way we expect them to change. Our judgment of the “right” or “wrong” way to do things often comes from a limited perspective. And resentment can breed in the process when others feel we can’t accept them for who they are.

When Jesus saw our shortcomings, He didn’t discard us, writing off fallen mankind as a failed creation. Nor did He issue demands for change from the comforts of heaven. Rather, He took action Himself first. He lowered Himself by coming down into this world. To live among men. To walk beside them. To understand how they felt. Then, as the ultimate lowering of Himself, He gave up His own life, whether or not we would ever appreciate it or acknowledge it.

Rather than nagging or laying on His expectations, Jesus gave of Himself. And it was in that sacrifice that we have a source of continual healing for our brokenness. And it is in His love we find the motivation and strength to change ourselves.

We have much to learn from our greatest model. When faced with what we consider as imperfections in others, do we first try to put ourselves in their shoes before jumping to conclusions? Do we try to understand their thought process and the past experiences that have shaped their view before commenting on the things they should adjust? When others do things we don’t agree with, do we try to find things we can do first to improve the situation? When we adjust the things that we focus on, we will be able to be more like our Lord as our mentality and attitude shift from “fixing” to “bringing healing.”