The Twins Called Joy And Kindness

It wasn’t going to be that kind of day.

I looked up at the sky and it was clouding over. I believed it was going to rain. Why was I hanging out my washing now? It could be a waste a time. I might hang it now and have to take it down in about half an hour’s time. The retired sister who was helping out in the church kitchen shouted, “No, it won’t rain. Even if it does, I can help you take your clothes in because I am cooking this afternoon.” And do you know what? She was right. It didn’t rain!

This obviously meant that she did not have to take down my washing. But it was her generous spirit that caught my attention. She did not see it as a troublesome task to be mindful of something as unimportant as watching out for someone’s hung out laundry. Not everyone can multi-task. She can. But the way she did multi-task was willingly. She had extra headspace to comfortably fit in doing something for someone else.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. One of the things she was doing as part of the cooking team was making fresh fish balls by hand. She was exerting so much effort, almost to a sweat. She was retired and with her already aching body due to hard work in the take-away for so many years I asked, “Why? Why do you work so hard?” She was helping feed an army of fifty people or so. Before she answered that question, she remarked, “I think this mixture needs some ice-water. Adding ice-water will make the fish balls have a nice bounce and a better bite”. Immediately my mind froze: “What? You are going to put your hand into the freezing mixture? And beat it for how long?!” She said, “It’s okay. I am not doing this every day. I am just doing it once in a while. It will be nice.”

It truly wasn’t going to be that kind of day, the kind of day when you could be moaning about the sun not coming out. In fact, it was a different sort of day. It was a day I saw a heart filled with kindness, beaming unrelentingly and warming my soul. It was a day I learned from an elderly sister that the marriage of willingness and service gives birth to twins called Joy and Kindness. It is true; it was a different sort of day. It was a special day, a special moment I will find hard to forget. A blessed day indeed!

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