Into the Fellowship with Our Lord Jesus Christ

God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. (1 Cor 1:9)

We often use the term ‘fellowship’ among a group of people having common interests, ideals, or experiences. There are several fellowship groups formed in the church such as youth fellowship, sister fellowship, senior or evergreen fellowship, and so on. Have we thought of having fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ? True Christian fellowship is made possible only by and through a living relationship with God.

How can we have fellowship with God? In 1 John, the apostle John explains what it means to have fellowship with God. He explains how believers can walk in God’s light and have fellowship with Him and one another (1 Jn 1:7). He also explains that because God loves us, He calls us His children and makes us like Christ (3:1-2). We can be sure that our fellowship with God is genuine when our lives are filled with the Holy Spirit, good works, and love for others (3:7-24).

If we say that we have fellowship with Him, and walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth.”(1 Jn 1:6)

After we receive water baptism, is it possible that we may fall back and walk in darkness? Who is in darkness? The hymn 47, entitled “Out of My Bondage, Sorrow, and Night”, gives us some clues. Jesus brings us out of darkness—bondage from sin, sickness, sorrows, distress, unrest, arrogant pride, selfishness, despair, hatred, and eternal death—and brings us into light, freedom from sin, health, wealth, peace, joy, and eternal life.

No matter what kind of darkness we may be in, whether it is life difficulties, sickness, or burdens, Jesus Christ is the rising sun and we can have faith and hope in Him. We should not be completely occupied and stressed by the material needs and pursuits of this world. If we are, we may not be able to walk out of darkness and into His light. Let us keep our eyes on Jesus Christ, the rising sun, and build our relationship with Him. He will guide us, protect us, and give us strength and wisdom to deal with our problems along the way. With faith, we have wonderful hope in Him. Let us come to Jesus Christ and have continual fellowship with God, who is light and love.

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