Walking in the Light

Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, ‘I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.’  (Jn 8:12)

Light represents goodness, purity, holiness, and truth. Darkness represents sin, evil, and Satan. As the light of the world, Jesus brings light to mankind. When we follow Jesus Christ, the light of the world, we can avoid walking blindly and falling into sin. Confession of our sins restores our fellowship with God. Walking in the light is the key to having fellowship with God and experiencing intimacy with Him.

Practically speaking, what does it mean to “walk in the light” and not “in darkness”?

Love is the key to walking in the light, because we cannot grow spiritually while we hate others. The apostle John indicated that he who hates his brother is in the darkness and he who loves his brother abides in the light (1 Jn 2:9-10). A person of love walks in the light while a person of hate walks in the darkness.

The Bible is the lamp to show us the right path. It lights the path ahead of us so we can see how to live. In this life, we walk through a dark forest of evil in a world that has turned its back on God. But the Bible can be our light to show us the way ahead so we won’t stumble as we walk. It reveals the entangling roots of false values and philosophies. We not only need to study Bible so we can see our way clear enough to stay on the right path, but we also need to obey it. As we obey, we will sharpen our vision and increase our understanding. The effectiveness of our Bible study time can be measured by the effect it has on our behavior and attitude.

The Holy Spirit enlightens our spiritual eyes. As our Helper, the Holy Spirit teaches us the truth and reveals God’s will to us. By following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can avoid walking in the darkness – being controlled by desires for this world. Instead we can walk in the light – to see things in the light of God.

We walk in the light if we live a life of goodness and holiness, and have an intimate fellowship with God.

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