Relearning the Lesson of God’s Great Faithfulness

While preparing for a J1 class and looking through a closet of old textbooks and activity booklets, I noticed something unusual. A few of the activity books had names written on them, which was strange because we only kept blank versions of the activity books. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the activity book belonged to another sister who was around my age. And sure enough, behind her activity book sat my own J1 activity book – from 10 years ago.

Quickly perusing through the notes I took a decade ago, I was amazed and humbled by this unexpected discovery. All these years, this booklet sat there like a hidden time capsule waiting to be reopened. Even though I have no recollection of sitting in class or which teachers taught me, the notes from my younger self documented a stage of my life that I now only vaguely recall.

It was mind-boggling that 10 years ago, I was looking at the same lesson that I was scheduled to teach the following week.

The topic of the class was on God’s promises and faithfulness. It covered that we can have confidence of what our future holds, having no doubt that God would keep His promises. It told of how God had a time and schedule we can’t see – that though we may feel forgotten sometimes, God is faithful and will deliver. It taught that God has abundant provisions for us, that we must respond with faith in order to receive our inheritance. And it also emphasized the importance of having a consistent faith and being content in all things, knowing that God did not promise to make all our problems go away but promised to be with us every step of the way.

Looking back at my own life, the lesson could not be more applicable. Ten years ago, I had no idea about everything that I would encounter, or how I would end up being where I am today. It would have been impossible to foresee 10 years ago the full guidance of God through my high school, university, and early years of my career. Things were not always smooth, but God has always delivered, and over the years abundantly provided for me. And when I look back, I see God’s footprints and how He led and walked with me every step of the way.

Sometimes trusting could be a difficult thing to do. Especially with the uncertainties and challenges we face in life, it is easy for anxiety and worry to build up and threaten our faith in God. Although we don’t know what we will encounter in the next 10 years of our lives, God has prepared all things for us. Just as He has delivered us in the past, He delivers us now and will continue to deliver us in the future (2 Cor 1:10). Let us remind and encourage one another to trust in Him, and may all the glory and praise be onto His holy name!

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