God Is the Master Chef

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I testify.

Occasionally, people tell me that they learned to cook by helping their mothers in the kitchen. Yet, I didn’t have the same opportunity because my late mom, for uncertain reasons, wouldn’t allow my siblings or me to help her in the kitchen.

As the years passed by and as times evolved, I gradually developed my culinary skills from family and friends, cooking programs on TV, cookbooks, and the Internet. Additionally, living abroad was a life-changing phenomenon for me in terms of grooming my culinary skills, especially in the last two years. After moving out from the campus dormitory in Northern Taiwan to an en suite room (single room with attached bathroom), my interest in cooking has grown since the fourth quarter of 2014. Using only a conventional rice cooker and a blender, I experimented with all sorts of recipes particularly from the South-East Asia region.

In the first quarter of 2015, by God’s grace, I was assigned to cook dinner at TJC Neili in Northern Taiwan for the first time in my life. Hence, around the end of March 2015, I became the so-called chef. With the help of a brother, we cooked a pot of noodle soup for 15 members of the campus fellowship. Apart from being unfamiliar with cooking, I hadn’t cooked that particular noodle soup before, not even once. As such, that evening the members became “guinea pigs” and thank God, everyone’s taste buds were satisfied.

After that unexpected accomplishment, I volunteered to be the so-called chef for Sabbath day’s tea time and dinner for 80 people at TJC Neili. Hence, two months later, around the end of May 2015, with other brethren’s assistance and advice, we successfully prepared a dessert and the same noodle soup for everybody. Once again, we received praises and compliments for the successful culinary outcome. Yet, deep down in my heart, I know that our almighty God should receive all the praises and glory.

Subsequently, on several occasions, I continued to prepare meals that I had never made before for both the campus fellowship and Sabbath day in 2015 and 2016. Furthermore, in August 2015, I was assigned to prepare a Malaysian traditional dessert for over 100 people for an inter-church elderly members’ fellowship. The success stories were made possible through a simple but highly effective action, that is, diligent and constant prayer.

At the end of July 2016, I was once again scheduled to cook for Sabbath day dinner. Although I had made sufficient physical preparation, I invested very little time in praying for this divine work. As a result, it didn’t come out as tasty as the other times or I had anticipated.

Slightly over a month later, on September 3, 2016, there was another cooking divine work for Sabbath day dinner. As the saying goes, once bitten, twice shy; hence this time I was determined not to take God’s grace for granted. Prior to that Sabbath day and even on the very day itself, I spent tremendous time and effort to pray for this holy work. Once again, I was up for another challenge and so, I cooked a new meal which was “tom yum chicken rice noodle.” This time people were pleased with the outcome and while I had received praises from them, I simply replied in Chinese, “感謝主 (Thank the Lord).” Without a doubt, God is indeed the master chef!

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. (Philippians 4:6)

May all glory be to God.

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