The Love of God

How high, is the love of God—
He calls us children;
When we lift up our hands to pray,
He hears us from above.
Lift up my eyes and see
That God loves even the sparrows;
How much more does He love me!

How deep, is the love of God—
He sent down His one and only Son;
Though rejected,
Down to Hades He still went for us.
Every so often we go down the same spiral of sins,
Does He possibly still love me?
Yet He says, “My love goes deeper.”

How wide, is the love of God—
He becomes our most faithful friend;
Even if the rest of the world fails us,
His arms remain wide open.
So Lord, tell me,
How much do you really love me?
On the cross He stretched out His hands.

How long, is the love of God—
He doesn’t faint or grow weary;
Everything will one day perish,
But the love of God endures forever.
Still, the journey is long and tiresome,
What will sustain me?
In His gentle voice He says, “My everlasting love.”

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