He Lives

And to the angel of the church in Smyrna write, ‘These things says the First and the Last, who was dead, and came to life. (Rev 2:8)

Lord Jesus Christ said that He was dead and came to life. Do you believe the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ? Christianity is different from all other religions in the world, for we serve a risen Lord. The fact that Jesus Christ is alive is central to the Christian faith. In this world, no matter how chaotic our life might be, God is always in control because He is a risen Lord.

The Lord Jesus is alive today, and He works in the life of His believers. Only with faith in the resurrection can we experience Christ’s life-changing power and gain a true knowledge of Him. Are you willing to believe in and to accept the resurrected Lord such that you will have a changed life and become a new creation? The repentance of a sinner signifies one who “was dead and is alive again” (Lk 15:24).

We have many hopes, but there is one hope above all others. It is the hope for eternal life with Jesus in heaven. This is a living hope given to us by Jesus through His salvation. This living hope is so precious that even though now for a little while we may have to suffer grief in all kinds of trials, we still consider it very worthy of pursuing. For we clearly know that our presently losses on earth to pursue this hope are only but short term.

Death to many is painful and frightening. Yet, it is the very destiny everyone has to face. However, death to Christians is only the beginning of eternal life. To be raised from the dead is the hope for all Christians. If a Christian denies resurrection, then he or she indirectly denies the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. If there were no resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, then the faith is futile. For the heart of the gospel is Jesus’ resurrection. If the hope of a Christian is not for eternal life but for this life only, then it is futile to work and to suffer for the Lord Jesus Christ. May we hold fast to our living hope as we serve a risen Lord. He Lives!

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