Jesus’ Food

“Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work’” (Jn 4:34)

Every time church service ends, we always seem to find ourselves spending a considerable amount of time thinking of where we should grab dinner.  Food is a necessity and also something we look forward to when we’re about to eat something that we have been craving. But when we look at this passage, Jesus actually turned down the physical food that His disciples were offering Him to eat, and placed emphasis on the food that we should long for — doing the will of God by sharing the message of salvation.  Have we ever felt that way about preaching? Is that something that we would “crave” to do?

I still remember when our church participated in a local street fair last year to pass out flyers and share the gospel. Before the event, when we were setting up our booth, I could sense our collective nervousness and hesitation.  However, by the end of the event we were so pumped up and wondering when we could do it again. As we shared the word of God to each individual we could find, it was almost as if we could taste the preciousness of the gospel we believe in.  

During a fellowship later that night to reflect about our experiences in that event, it was clear how much sharing the gospel nourishes and uplifts our own faiths because it reminds us of the weight of the grace and truth we’ve so undeservedly received.  And in a cycle, that realization compels us naturally with the desire to preach again. That’s what sharing the word of God should be like. Not out of obligation, but rather something that we can’t help but to do. Just like that food we crave and can’t stop eating.  It’s Jesus’ food after all.


  1. Have you ever experienced a deeper understanding of God’s grace and love when you shared the word of God with others?
  2. What opportunities can you and your local church take to share the word of God with others?

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