Joy in God’s Abundance

You make known to me the path of life;
In Your presence there is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. 

Psalm 16:11

I love it when I enter an office with a full and equipped pantry. I can have breakfast to start the day energetically, healthy snacks to last me the day when I need an energy boost. The best part is that it never runs out because it is always well-stocked. 

However, a well-stocked pantry does not mean that there is no hunger. Sometimes, when I need to get things done at work, I can get so absorbed that I work on a hungry stomach, although the full pantry is just a few steps away, neglected. Similarly, when we are busy with our lives, our hearts can forget that we have a God of abundance. We get anxious and worry about our life plans when just a few steps away, there is wisdom, joy and comfort. We just need to take that few steps to go into God’s presence – by carving out some time to dedicate to God wholeheartedly. 

How can we carve out time to enter God’s presence? It is a daily effort to choose God to be our portion amidst life’s flurry of activity. Our hearts are deceitful, and the world is under the control of Satan, so our almighty and invisible God is often hidden in plain sight. We need to resolve to spend some time with Him, whether it is reading a devotional in the morning before work, basking in a hymn when you feel stressed or taking time off for spiritual convocation. 

When we carve time out of our immediate plans, our worries and needs go into God’s presence. He will show us His will, where we can find sweetness and joy from His abundance. 

When we need confidence, God can add to our faith. When we fear, God can give us courage. When we are uncertain, God can provide us wisdom for our next steps. He is always available and our never-ending source of comfort and joy. God’s abundance is like a never-ending pantry to our hungering needs. In God is where we have the least worries, the most security, and we will be able to savor life’s moments. 

Reflection Question:

When was the last time we took time off to retreat and find joy in God?

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