Gather up the Fragments That Remain

A reflection on John 6:4-14:

Here, a familiar story of Jesus Christ demonstrating His limitless power that transcends all physicality. The story of the five loaves and two fish.

As we know, Jesus fed five thousand men with five loaves and two fish, a miracle witnessed by the apostles. But, there was also a second miracle when Jesus commanded the apostles to collect all the fragments, all the remains, for nothing to be lost. This again shows his overwhelming power, that even when the five thousand men were filled, there were enough to fill twelve baskets from the same five barley loaves that fed them.

Yet, leftovers often seem so insignificant after a very filling meal, right?

However, this shouldn’t be the case for us and God’s blessings. Every bit of God’s blessings is special, significant and shows of His mighty power and love for us.

Let us be reminded that the big blessings in our lives should not overshadow all the ‘smaller’ blessings God gives us. We should take time daily to put them in our basket by recognizing them, and to thank God for His overflowing love as He takes care of our spiritual, mental and physical needs every single day. Counting these blessings will help us realize that His grace is sufficient for us. God gives us everything we need and more, and even more on top of that. Enough to fill not one, but twelve baskets.

May we count our blessings, big and small, not leaving anything behind. Always endeavoring to give thanks to our Lord God Almighty (Ps 118:1).

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