He Knows Those Who Are His

Nevertheless the solid foundation of God stands, having this seal: “The Lord knows those who are His,” and, “Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” (2Ti 2:19)

All believers are God’s workers. The Bible says that we are created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do (Eph 2:10). A good worker will endure hardship, be faithful to the truth, and develop godly character.

The Lord Jesus is the solid foundation upon which we are to stand. The Bible is our standard for testing everything else that claims to be true. It is our safeguard against false teachings and our source of guidance for how we should live. It is our only source of knowledge about how we can be saved. God wants to show us what is true and equip us to live for Him. We shall pray to the Lord before proceeding to read the Bible, asking God for His guidance and wisdom that we may understand His words and be able to discern false teachings.

All those who are called by His name are instructed to abstain from every kind of evil. Following the truth, it may seem that life is not easy, like walking in a desert, but with spiritual growth, the surrounding scenery becomes more and more beautiful, and finally becomes walking in the garden. Abandoning the truth and acting arbitrarily, it seems to be very free and happy for a while, just like living in a garden, but as time goes by, the scenery becomes more and more desolate, darker and darker, and finally falls into an abyss of pain. Let us not deceive ourselves, for God cannot be taken lightly. What we sow is what we reap. Those who sow according to lust will reap corruption; those who sow according to the Holy Spirit will reap eternal life. If we do good deeds, we must not grow weary; if we do not become discouraged, we will harvest in time (Gal 6 7-9).

God knows the thoughts and intentions of every man. He can read the inner thoughts of our heart and discern our secret motives. God knows all those who belong to Him. Just as a shepherd knows his sheep, the Lord knows who are truly His (Jn 10:14).

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