He Is the Head

“but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head–Christ –” (Eph 4:15)

Jesus Christ is our head. His will is our rule. His word is our law. We must be careful not to drift away from a firm commitment to Christ. To grow up in all things into Him, we need to know Him better and better so that after accepting Jesus Christ as Lord of our life, we will continue to follow Jesus and His leadership.

The basics of following Jesus Christ are truth and love. The “truth” is the truth about Jesus Christ. It is important to grow in our knowledge of the Lord, to deepen our understanding through careful study, and to teach truths to others. But no matter how much we learn, we must never abandon the basic doctrines of Christian faith (1 Jn 2:24).

“This is love, that we walk according to His commandments. This is the commandment, that as you have heard from the beginning, you should walk in it.” (2 Jn 1:6)

“Love” is obedience. Christ’s command is for Christians to love one another. This is the basic ingredient of true Christianity. To obey Christ fully, we must obey His command to love others. Helping, giving and meeting needs put love into practice.

Knowing God is the beginning of salvation. However, our knowledge of God should be increased the longer we believe in Him. In the beginning, we may know God as a merciful and blissful God. All we care about is our own needs. As a result, we may only constantly pray to God to give us grace to satisfy our needs. However, as we believe in God longer, we start realizing that God wants us to participate in His divine nature. He wants to give us His own character so we may live a truly good life. The better we know God, the better we can trust Him, serve Him, and live a productive life with Christian virtues. The more we know of Jesus Christ and His work, the more we are being changed to be like Him. Because this process is life long, we must never cease learning and obeying. There is no justification for drifting along, but there is an incentive to find the rich treasures of growing in Him.

When we are abiding in Christ, we are holding fast to our living Head. We are sustained by our vital connection with our living Head, for without Him we fail to grow in grace and produce much fruit.

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