Let Her Who Bore You Rejoice!

Proverbs 23:25 reads, “Let your father and your mother be glad, And let her who bore you rejoice.”

We were in the hospital. My little brother was just born. I was almost seven years older than him. I peered through the glass windows of the room where my mum lay. I can still see it in my mind’s eye.

I can still smell the hospital smell. As we approached, my head just reached the bed where she was. I was told that she bled a lot. My mum looked tired. She was evidently really weak. They must have seen how worried I looked. They told me everything was ok.

And there he lay. My little brother. The little fella was just lying there. Freshly born from mum’s womb. Dad picked me up. I stretched my hand. The tiny fingers curled round my forefinger. There it was –brotherhood.

As I grew up, I was reminded that it was me who wanted a little brother. If I knew it would have cost my mum so much pain, I would have kept my mouth shut. Just one of those things a mother would do for their children.

Life passed in a hazy way and it’s difficult to remember some of the details of what it was really like back in those days. But one thing I definitely remember was that we did not have a washing machine. Nowadays, people might have a dishwasher. But in those days, mums generally were the dishwashers as well as the washing machine.

Looking at my wife now as a mother helps me fill in the missing gaps in memory about my own mother. It’s a different generation, a different culture, but the same heart. Her children are her life. Mothers have this amazing God-given ability to care for the whole person, from the physical well-being to the spiritual development.

As I grew up, I remember asking my mother: I know we should pray, but what should I pray about? What should I ask? She gave me the simplest of prayers: pray for wisdom. At that time I did not know what wisdom was. I didn’t even care to ask. I just said those words given to me. Then I got a little bored and asked, what else should I say in my prayers? My mum pointed me to go ask a deacon. There I got my answer to recite the Lord’s prayer in my prayer. What she could not give, she directed me where I could receive.

Mothers should be one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

One thing about mothers is that they have this weakness where they feel they have not done enough for their children. Whatever happens, some mothers seem to have this inclination to blame themselves for things that happen to the child when that child is no longer a child. A mother needs reassurance that they had done the best they could given the circumstances. No mother was born with a handbook that said, “This is what your child’s character is like and this is how you should bring him/her up.” Mothers do their best. That’s why it’s right to honour them whilst they are alive.

These are some of my fond memories. How about yours? May they lead us to make our mothers glad and rejoice in this short life.

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  1. Maria

    Not every mother is a good mother, there are mothers who don’t really want the children born and the mothers who do not love their children dump their children as soon as they born. I am the one being dumped. So not all mothers are loving and caring. Only God cares and loves. God is love. There are mothers who don’t want the child because the mother made a mistake and got pregnant, so the mother is forced to have the child. Actually the truth is that mother hates the child. So I am the child that was hated by my mother. With God’s grace I have been saved. Salvation is so important. I went through so much difficulties in my life. But I learn my lesson the hard way. But I found God. Only God loves us. No one else. We can only forgive the person. I forgive my mother who didn’t want me from the beginning. I did not receive love from my mother. But I forgive her. It is so important to forgive. God forgives my sins. And Jesus died for our sins. So not all the mothers are good mothers. With Mother’s Day coming it is only a Day. We live one day at a time. Only God can help us and loves us.

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