The Way We Think

You can’t sleep? Take the Bible and read a chapter. You will soon fall asleep.

This is what sometimes happens to us. At times studying the Bible becomes a burden for us. Before we even have finished reading the 2nd verse of that chapter, we nearly fall asleep. It’s abnormal for us Christians, but in some way a true fact.

Where does the problem lie?

The problem lies on how we treat the Bible. We need to view the word of God from another perspective. While reading the Bible, we can try to think of the Bible as a love letter from God.

Would you fall asleep, when someone whom you love writes you a love letter?

3 thoughts on “The Way We Think

  1. rebecca

    A pastor once said one of the most useful tips for consistent Bible reading is to pick any time of day except before bedtime!
    It’s so true, because by that time we are exhausted and it has become last on our list of priorities.

  2. lim

    Regarding falling asleep when reading Bible verses.
    We fall asleep as we find the word not adherently or directly enough to be related to us, as a lot of the incidents happened in the past.
    By the grace of God I have been a prodigal son before and was chastised by God. And in the process of returning to church while repenting, there is event happened including the chastisement that make my heart moved and realised truly that the promises of God do and indeed happen in our daily life on earth. From then on the word of God become a living word and was very interested in finding out more what God had promised or said in the Bible.
    As we experience more and more the Truthfulness of God in our journey of faith, the experiences we gain will change our view of Bible, it will become truly a living word of God as He gradually manifests in our life.
    Falling asleep when reading Bible verses will then only happen when we are very tired.

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