Bad Days, Good Days

Once, I happened to wake up to one of those really bad days, where bad things all seem to team up and kick you in the face. I had woken up late, missed the bus, frozen my ears off walking to school, and it went on.

When at last I had the time to sit down and take a break, I pulled out a notebook and began to list what had gone wrong so far. I began to write … and stopped. The list was so short, and I had already run out of things to write!

Seeing this, I changed my mind and began to write down the good things that had happened. I had woken up in time to walk to class. At least I had seen the bus go by rather than wait not knowing. It had not started snowing while I was walking. And it went on. A plus for every minus, a good for every bad, and even more good that far outweighed the bad.

The scales can tip so easily from a bad day to a good day. You need only turn around and look at the good things that the Lord has showered you abundantly with. When you take a close look, you begin to realise that while you may be up to your knees in muck, you’re up to your neck in blessings!

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