Thank God for your interest in joining this project!

This blog features two general forms of content:

  • “Little Fish” posts are short, more spontaneous pieces that are reflective in nature. These are thoughts inspired from personal devotional time, seminars, sermons, current events, Bible reading, etc. The premise here is: whatever edified you, no matter how small, can probably edify another.
  • “Big Loaves” articles are in-depth pieces that address pertinant Christian-living issues more thoroughly. These typically read like shorter Manna full-length articles, and are more generous in life application, biblical research, and/or biblical depth. Ideally, Big Loaves articles would be contributed once every quarter by each writer. Generally, the length is anywhere from 750 – 1500 words.

If you are a True Jesus Church member and would like to be a regular contributor in whatever capacity, please have a look at the following blogging guidelines to get you started.