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He Gives You the Choice

We do not get to choose many things in life. We do not choose when we are going to be born, who our parents are, or when we are going to die. But after the time you are born and before you die, life is a sequence of choices. You can choose what type of life to live, and you can choose what type of God to worship. Is the LORD your God, or do you want to choose another? He gives you the choice.  

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Let Love Light


And the Syrians had gone out on raids, and had brought back captive a young girl from the land of Israel. She waited on Naaman’s wife. Then she said to her mistress, “If only my master were with the prophet who is in Samaria! For he would heal him of his leprosy.” (2 Kings 5:2-3)

“It was because of her!” said Naaman. You could imagine the surprise on the faces of those who knew Naaman, on discovering with their very own eyes he was healed and Naaman retelling the story.

Unlike some characters in the Bible, for whatever reason, her name was left out. We don’t have a name. But we do have facts. She was a young girl from the land of Israel. She was captured by the Syrians, which meant Naaman was the enemy. She was supposedly taken as a slave, which also indicates that she had no freedom. She could not go where she wanted. She could not do what she desired. She was to attend to her mistress’ needs. Whether she wanted to or not, this girl had no choice in the matter. Continue reading