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Three Tips for the Spiritual Race

Our life is like a marathon to the heavenly kingdom. Just as the end of a matter is better than the beginning, we likewise have to persist to our final destination, where our heavenly Father awaits to take us home. What can we do to ensure that we continue forward in this heavenly journey? 

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With Fervent Desire

In 2009, I made the biggest move of my life to date from the east coast to the west coast. Having grown up in the east coast, this meant leaving friends and family with whom I had developed relationships for many years. Before the actual move, I wanted to spend one last meal with my closest friends so I could say my proper farewells and formally prepare myself for the transition.

This is a pretty typical human experience. When we are leaving a place that we have stayed in for some time, a place with its associated memories, experiences, and friendships, would we not want to spend one final moment with those we treasure in that place? Would we not desire the company of those we love and value most?

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