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Trust in the Lord

“It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man.” (Ps 118:8)

The above verse is the center verse of the Bible. If we could center our lives in God and trust Him as David did, we shall live a good life. David was a man who had a special bond with God. Many times, before or during a battle, he would ask God what to do. When we ask someone for advice, what we are really telling them is that we have confidence in them and their thoughts are valuable to us. Every time David asked God for His will, it showed how much he valued God’s thoughts and feelings. It is no wonder that David was called a man after God’s heart.

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Relearning the Lesson of God’s Great Faithfulness

While preparing for a J1 class and looking through a closet of old textbooks and activity booklets, I noticed something unusual. A few of the activity books had names written on them, which was strange because we only kept blank versions of the activity books. Upon closer inspection, I realized that the activity book belonged to another sister who was around my age. And sure enough, behind her activity book sat my own J1 activity book – from 10 years ago.

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Awake, awake! O sojourner,
Stir your heart from spiritual slumber
Resting weary in battle deep
He promised He would come for us
That He would not tarry, but come.
Not long ago we promised Him
(as He, too, promised us)
to love and cherish forever the One we love

Awake, awake! O dejected soldier,
Be not in your heart dismayed
Are you tired before the enemy great
And cannot see the path ahead
Put down your heart’s burden
And entrust
Let Him carry thee and find thy rest
Since the time He lit a flame in my heart
to live and die for the self-same Cause
It was a covenant between us

Awake, awake! O you scribe who battle with pen
And not the sword
For the ink dwindles and revelation is scarce
Though the herd stalls are vacant and the olive tree fails
It is His Spirit that inscribes
Not ability or tongue of men
The heart hopes for the day of the marriage feast
For “I have seen the consummation of all perfection”

We’re too far in to turn back.
Dawn breaks in the darkest night…
Like the fledgling eagle learning to fly
In quietness and trust that He provides:
Step. Drop. Fly.

(Ps 119:96)


Loving God

Fixing your gaze on Jesus
Is a lover’s language
Like a beloved trusting child steadily looks to his parents

We look,
enthralled by the beauty of His holiness,
There is no reason not to, so drawing is He

Not by human will or determination
but with child-like faith and trust —
He will catch me when I fall

And in between these lines, devotion and pure allegiance
that finds a love so full and free, Love incomparable —
give me an undivided heart to fear Your name.

Our Rock

There are days when it’s nice to know that there’s someone or something we can always count on. That if every single possible thing were to go wrong that day, what we rely on will still be there at the end of the day. This is our comfort, our rock. For some, it may be a person – a parent, a friend, or a spouse. For others, one’s stellar career, hard-earned savings, or own ability.

As long as these things remain constant, we can be completely content. But what happens when our reliance is not as unchanging as we thought? We may find out that the future of our company is not as secure as we thought or that our parents’ health is failing. When that happens, is God – our solid Rock – near us to help us? Continue reading