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He Gives You the Choice

We do not get to choose many things in life. We do not choose when we are going to be born, who our parents are, or when we are going to die. But after the time you are born and before you die, life is a sequence of choices. You can choose what type of life to live, and you can choose what type of God to worship. Is the LORD your God, or do you want to choose another? He gives you the choice.  

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On Sharing the Grace of God

Thank God – lately, an increased amount of people have asked me for advice on how to improve their piano playing for church, and also complimented on my own playing. Being somewhat inspired, I will proceed to share with you what I shared with them.

As neither the accomplished penman nor amongst the eloquent, I am not a man of words through speech nor literacy. However, by the grace of God, I am able to share His great loving grace through the art of music – as an accompanist.

People often mistake ‘accompanist’ with ‘pianist’. Having been equipped with the skills of music from young, it took me a fair few years to discern the difference: a pianist is one who performs, an accompanist is one who accompanies the hymnal. Continue reading