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A Gentle Voice

I won’t leave you in the pit forever,
Just a while, just a little more,
Until you grow, until you come forth as gold.

Though I humbled you,
It’s for good reason.
Learn empathy.
Learn mercy.
Learn to receive My love for you.

Though you feel lost,
Don’t waver,
For I am by your side, and I will guide;
Though darkness surrounds,
Don’t fear,
For I will shine through, and carry you.

Wait for Me;
Be still, child,
Hush – just, wait for Me.


Why This Waste?

A woman came to Him having an alabaster flask of very costly fragrant oil, and she poured it on His head as He sat at the table. But when His disciples saw it, they were indignant, saying, “Why this waste?”  (Mt 26:7-8)

Imagine that you are invited to a friend’s house for dinner one evening. Another friend at the dinner brings out a box of delicious, exotic, and costly desserts—just for you. And as you are enjoying the first bite, some of your closest friends at the party whisper among themselves: “Wow, that is super expensive, yet the other friend is giving it all to him?! Why this waste?” This would be hurtful, not to mention disrespectful.

In the eyes of the disciples, the value of the fragrant oil far exceeded that of Jesus. Continue reading