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About yokemay

I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. By God's grace, I was baptized on 20 May 2007 in Bangkok TJC after almost 10 years of searching for the true church. Currently, I'm a PhD candidate at Yuan Ze University in Taiwan and a member of Neili TJC in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

A Quick Move

Today, my colleague at work sent a email to me with some silly remarks. She even carbon copied that particular email to other colleagues. After reading it, I felt disappointed and angry.

But then I prayed to God. First, I asked God to forgive her. Then, I prayed that she’ll be more considerate in the future before she clicks on the send button. Instead of defending myself and wasting my time and energy to reply her email, it was much better to talk to God. 🙂

I’m thankful for God’s presence in my life. I’m more tolerant and I have also learned to move on faster.

Taking God for Granted

After I completed my Master thesis defense on last Friday, I was very elated until I almost forgot the most important and precious thing in my life–the almighty God. Reflecting upon this, up until the defense, I cried out to God when I needed His guidance and to lift my burdens. Yet when I finally achieved it, I neglected Him while thinking that I alone willed my success. How wrong was I to think that.

Well, thank God I realized this mistake, and immediately, I prayed to thank Him for helping me pull through my thesis defense and with a good grade too. 🙂

Many times I heard or read about how people neglect God after they became successful. This time, I was one of them. 😛

The Mighty Pen

My faith went downhill recently but thank God, I discovered this blog and the TJC e-library’s vast reading materials.

But something amazing happened last night. While I was reading the e-library’s articles, I held a pen and placed it in a writing position. Still feeling rather down, I decided to utter a silent prayer to God. I asked Him what He wants me to do.

As I began to pray, my hand automatically pushed the pen to move forward bit by bit. I was still praying and the pen continued its movement. Finally, it stopped moving because a heart shape, the symbol of LOVE, was formed.

God wants me to love Him and others more. 🙂