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To God, with Love

To God:

in a world that esteems the cool
and collectedness of objectivity
values logic over the clingy sentiments of a
simple folk who feel,
that prides itself for being strong in their detachment
and has no place for those who are irreversibly attached,
who are stuck to the little things
that make our existence warm;
You value the insecurites, the inadequacies,
the imperfections and bumbling words
the expensive mistakes that time has proven
and the painful honesty that no one agrees with.
Even this, for all that we are
for all that we are not
You love us.
In this we know that our God cares for us
not in part, but freely,
and though we have never deserved it
nor will ever deserve any way
You have loved us, whole.
For that we are forever indebted to Your grace
let us offer all that we are,
(all that we are not,)
at Your feet.

You have accepted our humble offering

in a world where the rich live in style
and throw many things away in the name of love
But the poor, the ones who fall short -
those who desire to touch the hem of Your garment
will give up themselves
for the One they love.

For those who were forgiven much, they will come to love much.
with love


Loving God

Fixing your gaze on Jesus
Is a lover’s language
Like a beloved trusting child steadily looks to his parents

We look,
enthralled by the beauty of His holiness,
There is no reason not to, so drawing is He

Not by human will or determination
but with child-like faith and trust —
He will catch me when I fall

And in between these lines, devotion and pure allegiance
that finds a love so full and free, Love incomparable —
give me an undivided heart to fear Your name.


Sea of Glass

Make my heart
A sea of glass
So that in the stillness

I will come to seek
Your nearby presence
Deep within,

I will come to trust
Your silent slumber
When the tempest tosses,

I will come to witness
Your strong rebuke
To the surrounding billows,

I will come to believe
Your mighty hand
To save.

In this stillness,
A sea of glass,
Is my heart.

(Revelation 4:6 & Mark 4:35-41)


A Gentle Voice

I won’t leave you in the pit forever,
Just a while, just a little more,
Until you grow, until you come forth as gold.

Though I humbled you,
It’s for good reason.
Learn empathy.
Learn mercy.
Learn to receive My love for you.

Though you feel lost,
Don’t waver,
For I am by your side, and I will guide;
Though darkness surrounds,
Don’t fear,
For I will shine through, and carry you.

Wait for Me;
Be still, child,
Hush – just, wait for Me.



O God,
You are my God;
Early will I seek You.

Your glory shines forth,
Illuminating a world darkened
By sin and despair.
Your faithfulness awakens
Our slumbering souls
From complacency and frailty.
Your word reverberates
In the stillness of hearts
Who seek Your presence.
Your Spirit stirs us
To tread safely
In Your lighted path.

O God,
You are my God;
Early have I found You.

(Psalm 63:1)