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Fall on Your Face

We were outside again and standing on a table tennis table made me feel much taller. “Little me” was only around 8 years old and loved to play games like cops and robber outdoors with other kids from church. I do not remember why exactly I stood on a table tennis table but I do remember the great view I had from there. Then I saw my RE teacher from afar. He was trying to tell me something but I could not hear him since he was too distant (~50m). Intuitively I walked towards him, saw the horrified expression on his face, wondered why he was so upset and — BOOM! Something hit my face really hard, and all I saw was black. Continue reading

Just Little Things

Have you ever been annoyed about something but hesitated to say something because you felt that others might see it as something so little or view us as being too fussy? But you can’t quite help yourself but be unhappy at the situation presented to you each time. Gradually this sense of dissatisfaction gathers momentum and weighs like a tonne of resentment ready to roll and knock down the person whose fault we think it is.

One thing I am really joyful about is that the instructions from the Bible teach us the best way to tell people the little things that bother us without ruining our relationships. I have learned this from personal encounters with people who deal with problems in such a way, and when I looked into the Bible indeed it is rooted in the Scriptures. Continue reading