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We’re All in This Together

“We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God.” (Acts 14:22)

Everyone has problems. Maybe we’re encountering stress from university, being mistreated at work, facing emotional turmoil, loneliness, friends or family issues, physical illness or pain. Usually, we can overcome these problems through prayer and a bit of time. However, we find that every so often, there comes a problem so great that it pushes us to our limits and we feel like we just want to break down; and sometimes, it even cause us to slightly lose sight.

We find that actually, the Bible says we must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God. We already know that the path to the heavenly kingdom will be difficult. Most of the time we actually know what we must do in order to overcome these difficulties. Things like constant prayer and constantly seeking counsel from the Bible. However, why is it that sometimes it doesn’t seem to work? Continue reading

From Incense to Prayer

The passage in Exodus 30.34-38 is about incense, so it connects with Revelation 5.8, where incense refers to prayers. So the extract can point out something about our prayers.

1. Each spice must be of equal amounts
2. These spices form a compound
3. The compound are made according to the art of the perfumer
4. With the spices, salt is added
5. Compound is beaten until very fine
6. Some of it is to be placed before the ark
7. The incense is to be holy and pure. Continue reading