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The Best Gifts

I have a pair of earrings that are made out of pink and white seashells and they are very precious to me—more than any pair of earrings I have owned.  I value them so because these earrings were hand-crafted by my most cherished friend.

Sometimes the best gifts in life have little to do with the gift itself but more with the one who gave it.  God gives us many gifts.  They come in the form of a talent, a good job, and a warmly lit sky at sunset.  There is much that God wants to bestow on us but we must believe and wait for His timing because every perfect gift requires faith and more so patience.
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Drawing Near to God

A few weeks ago, three elementary school-aged siblings attended our spiritual convocation services with their neighbors, a church sister and her daughter, and have been coming to church ever since. They told us that they like coming to our church because they feel that God is really here, and although they are so young, they pay attention during RE classes, sing hymns loudly during service, and have even started praying together at home every night. Although their parents discourage them from coming to church and praying, they continue to do so every week. Continue reading

A Life of Contradiction

Nobody likes a person who says one thing and does another. God detests hypocrites and Jesus pronounced woes on Pharisees. Even the prophet Jonah lived a life of contradiction. He disobeyed God and then claimed to fear the Lord. He asked to be thrown overboard and then prayed for life.  After thanking God for having mercy and saving him, he became angry at God for extending that same mercy to the people of Nineveh. In fact, he became so angry that he pleaded for death, forgetting that he had just begged for life!

As a prophet, Jonah’s job was to preach God’s message. His name itself means “dove,” a creature symbolic of peace and used for delivering messages. However, Jonah refused to preach and forfeited his peace for anger. The entire book of Jonah tells of how God tries to correct his life of contradiction. Continue reading

Reflections on Married Life: My Single Life

My single years have so far been the most productive in my faith. Prior to falling in love with Kevin, I fell in love with Jesus Christ. I had time to serve God with greater flexibility when I only had one schedule to consider – mine. I found him. Remember the Creator in the days of your youth. I enjoyed that time in singlehood and I enjoyed praying to God to find me spouse and to bless my future marriage. I can’t say that one part of my life is better than the other because both were given by God and through both, God walked by my side. Married life is wonderful, but don’t waste away single life fantasizing about married life. Single life is also a blessing, so use it to be productive for Christ. I had crushes and I dated other guys briefly, and I thank God that none of those experiences led to sin. Those experiences are things I want to share with my younger sisters and brothers in Christ to let them know the dangers of college dorms and even “casual” relationships and how God protected me.

Now I really look forward to serving God with my new partner, but this might take some time as even the Israelite army in the Old Testament excused soldiers from active duty for one year from their wedding.

If God is For Us

“I, even I, am He who comforts you. Who are you that you should be afraid of a man who will die, and of the son of a man who will be made like grass? And you forget the Lord your Maker, who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth; you have feared continually everyday because of the fury of the oppressor, when he has prepared to destroy. And where is the fury of the oppressor?”

Isaiah 51:12-13

Yesterday evening I attended a joint Christian fellowship evangelical event because someone invited me and I thought it might be a good opportunity to share my beliefs with other Christians and try to spread awareness of TJC. The event turned out to be a praise session followed by a video sermon given by John Piper followed by another praise session and prayer – not much of a venue for discussion and sharing. At the end, people could go to one of the dining halls for fellowship – a better venue for sharing.

Upon conclusion of the second praise session however, I had two conflicting thoughts: One. “Well that was easy; I didn’t have to go through any uncomfortable conversations or possible debates over different churches and doctrinal beliefs and such. Now I can go home before someone does ask me what fellowship I attend or what church I go to.” Two. “Should I go to the fellowship activity? Am I willing to explicitly talk about TJC with another Christian who will probably have disagreeing views? What if he or she immediately disregards me and TJC as proud and judgmental and narrow-minded?”

Thank God that I had talked with a few brothers and sisters about attending this event beforehand and that they were praying for me. I reminded myself that I justified going to this event by saying I could spread awareness of TJC and if I went home without telling at least someone about my beliefs, I would feel only regret and disappointment in myself – and so would God. I ended up going to the fellowship and talking with the person who invited me about how my beliefs were different and how TJC was different from other churches. And God was merciful; the person I was talking with initiated more of the questions about church so I didn’t even have to bring it up myself.

This morning I listened to a sermon based on Song of Solomon 4:12 – “You are a garden locked up, my sister, my bride; you are a spring enclosed, a sealed fountain.” The speaker brought up Isaiah 51:12-13 as a supporting point that jolted me to think: Why did I have that struggle last night? Why was I afraid of what other people would think of TJC, forgetting that I was commissioned by the Lord, our Maker, the one who stretched out the heavens?

And where is the fury of the oppressor?” When we make an effort to preach, in my experience, God has always made it easier for me. My “preaching” is received without ridicule or any form of persecution, atheist or Christian alike, but rather with curiosity and some extent of humility. There was none of the “fury” that I was afraid of – there was nothing to be afraid of after all.

Try it. Tell someone about True Jesus Church today 🙂