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Leave the Writing to God

“As for God, His way is perfect.” (Psalm 18:30)

During my second year of college, I started writing songs in hopes of edifying others with my experiences. It was a way for me to tell people about the lessons that God has taught me and the many blessings in my life. I finished and recorded my first song halfway through my sophomore year. However, instead of asking God for inspiration, I relied on my own knowledge and understanding. I knew how I wanted the song to sound, and I did things my own way. In the end, the song was so terrible that I discarded it completely. I learned my lesson. Rather than relying on my limited knowledge of music theory and lyricism, I should pray. I asked God to inspire me and show me what He wanted me to write, everything from lyrics down to the piano accompaniment itself. Two months later, I recorded my second song. I finished the song in 3 days as opposed to the 3 months it took me to finish my first song. Instead of worrying about my singing or how well I could play the piano, I put my heart into the recording and let God do the work. In the end, I was able to create something much more beautiful with God than I could ever imagine just relying on my own skills.

In our lives, how often do we try to do things our own way? How often do we rely on our own knowledge to get things done? Whether it involves writing a song or article, delivering a sermon, or giving a testimony, we want to do it wholeheartedly for God. However, at times we become confident in our own skills and vision of how things ought to be, and we forget to rely on God. Our definition of “perfect” may comprise of how well we can write or speak, but God’s way does not rely on our superficial abilities. Rather, He moves us with His Holy Spirit. And through His perfect Spirit, we are able to touch others. If we can step back and let God do the writing, we may be surprised just how beautiful it can be.


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The Day of the Lord Comes as a Thief in the Night

“For you yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night.” (1 Thess 5:2) This verse sounds so familiar to all of us. Yes, we have heard this many times during sermon or read it in church newsletters and articles. What effect or impression does this verse bring about to you?

One day, as usual I returned home from work. It was about 8-9pm and the sky was already dark. I was walking home while talking on the phone. The surroundings were rather quiet. I was just in front of my house, a few steps before I reached the front gate. I could hear my mother calling out to me from inside the house, asking me to be careful. I was thinking, “No worries, I’ve already reached home, just a few more steps!”…

Suddenly, a great force came from behind attempting to snatch my handbag. The only thing that I remember doing at that time was shouting and never letting go of my handbag. I struggled with the thief for a few minutes before falling down. At that moment, I was thinking to let go of my handbag when I fell and hurt my knee. My mother was shouting and neighbours starting to come out from their houses. Thank God, the thief did not manage to snatch my handbag and scurried off when more and more people came to see.

I was startled and still in great fear when the thief left. I couldn’t help but to pray immediately and thank God for protecting me and keeping me safe. As I was sitting and trying to calm down after the incident, a lot of things kept running in my mind. The scenes of attack kept flashing through my mind, especially how fear struck me all of a sudden. It dawn on me about the day when the Lord will come. Then I remember the verse,”…that the day of the Lord so comes as a thief in the night.”

That day will really be out of our expectation. He comes when we are relaxing and thinking we are going to be saved. I asked myself, “If it was the Lord who came just now, how would I have faced it?” Why am I not feeling the fear as in the snatching incident although I always hear and read of His second coming? When life is smooth -ailing and wars or natural disasters don’t seem to strike us, then we have not the fear or realisation of how crucial it is to be well-prepared.

It is indeed true that we have not much time to prepare. What have we done all this while? We must not wait until incidents happen to us to keep us alert or remind us. One mistake that we might commit without realising it, is thinking we will be saved. Like the snatch theft incident, I thought I was about to reach home and thus lost my guard, not listening to my mother to be careful. At times, we tend to be like that. We have found the true church, been baptised, and received the Holy Spirit. However, is that all there is in our journey of faith? Have we fought a good fight and finished the race? “Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left.” (Matt 24:40)

Therefore, let us be reminded of the Lord’s coming. Be a faithful and wise servant to keep charge of the possessions entrusted by the master, lest He cast us out when He finds us unworthy, and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Endure till the end and we will be saved.

~ Matthew 24:43,44 ~

God’s Way

As I walk along life’s pathway,
I encounter thorns that hinder my way.
I try to push past them but injure my hands.

As I walk along life’s pathway,
I encounter rocks that hinder my way.
I try to kick them aside but injure my feet.

As I walk along life’s pathway,
I encounter a dead end that hinders my way.
I try to find new ground to tread on but fail in all my attempts.

Dear Lord, I wish to stop using my way.
I wish for You to guide me and instruct me in my path.

With one word You cause the thorns to move aside,
With one word You cause the rocks to disappear,
With one word a new path appears before me.

Praise be the Lord, the Almighty God, for His Way is always the best way!

Let me no longer lean upon myself, but let me trust in the Lord each and every step along life’s pathway.

Thanksgiving in Prayers

“Let them sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving, and declare His works with rejoicing.” (Psalm 107:22)

We pray to praise, to give thanks, to communicate, to ask questions, to petition, to confess and repent to the Lord, and also to make intercession for the church, the nation, and other people.

Thanksgiving should always be accompanied by a prayer or a petition. Thanksgiving is a recognition that everything comes as a gift even though we are unworthy to receive it. It is also an expression of acknowledging God of his goodness and mercy.

Thanksgiving and supplication in our prayers are like the two wings which can carry us high into the sky. Some may have one strong wing of supplication but the wing of thanksgiving is weak. This is not sufficient when the cloud is dark and it seems that there is no way out. We need two strong wings so that we can fly high and break through the dark cloud to reach out to the heavenly Father. Thanksgiving for past blessings is good preparation for successful supplications. Supplication is to request.  Thanksgiving is to receive—receive what we asked.

“Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits.” (Psalm 103:2) (NIV)

We have plenty of things to praise God: His love, forgiveness, salvation, kindness, mercy, compassion, justice, patience. We receive all of these even though we do not deserve to have any of them. No matter how difficult your life’s journey is, you can always receive God’s grace and count your blessings – past, present, and future.

We can not comprehend God’s love until we learn to give our thanksgiving to Him. The saddest thing in this world is to be deeply loved by Jesus Christ, yet not realizing His love and complaining much. Once we try to add thanksgiving into our prayer, the strength of Christ pours into our heart. Then we experience grace upon grace.  We receive the latter grace after we learn to give thanks. Through thanksgiving, we walk out from our difficulties and let Jesus Christ walk in. We only learn to give our thanks often after we suffer from loss. When we offer our thanksgiving prayer for past grace, then we will be filled with hope for the future.

Psalm 126:2-3:

Then our mouth was filled with laughter,  and our tongue with singing. Then they said among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for them.”  The Lord has done great things for us, and we are glad.

Think and reflect –what great things that the Lord has done for you?