Their Wings Touched

Their wings touched one another…two wings of each one touched one another. (Ezekiel 1:9,11)

Be close enough to know each other’s heart, and to give and receive encouragement in the truth.

One of the most moving phrases in Paul’s writing to Timothy is, “…I remember you in my prayers night and day, greatly desiring to see you, being mindful of your tears…” (2 Tim 1:3-4).

Timothy’s sincerity in ministering met hard times. His wings seemed listless, then lifeless. The easiest way would have been just to let Timothy go home. But Paul knew God’s grace and gift had been with Timothy and still was. What Paul saw in Timothy was two levels: first, it appeared that Timothy wanted to give up, and second, Timothy had a genuine faith.

When we see someone wanting to give up, we need to see the genuine faith that is in them. Through recalling how God chose and worked with them as well as their heart of obedience, we can be certain that a person was being used by God. This leads us to remind them not only of their duty, but what is true and has never changed, i.e. what they believe in.

To remind means to turn the mind towards. It means helping the person recollect by going through a process, i.e. to journey where the remembrance leads to. Personally, I experienced the kindness of individuals who, by God’s guidance, prompted me to continue to exercise my belief in what I am involved in.

The way it happened was not only through positive reinforcement, but from their hearts of hearts, and their belief in what God was and would continue to do in one’s life. It was expressed not only through prayers, but gentle and firm reminders too. It was not only their human will urging me to carry on, but a will touched by God’s love, reaching out to help those through a period of weakness.

Unexpectedly, those particular moments were threaded together and formed wisdom in my mind to identify someone else who needed the same thing that I needed in the past. When together our hearts were restored to God and coworkers were reconciled, we testified of the relief and immense joy in working for God together.

Therefore, brethren, we testify that “their wings touched” is not just a wanting to be there for one another, but a true sense of Ephesians 4.16:

“from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.”

God works in one person to bring them up to the way He wants them to be, and then uses that very same person to work on others. Then, God works on those who have been worked on to work on others who need the same work.

The undeniable fact that exists in sincere workers is that they care so much for the work of God that there is a tendency not to just stay in the realm of dropping hints, but a demonstration of holy and open communication. It is a “if-in-doubt, I-am-giving-you-a-shout” movement. May the Lord Jesus use us all in like manner so that our life of service drives a life of caring too.

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