Learning about Love through Action

We recently organized a camping trip for the upper primary students that I teach at church. My family loves camping so I thought that camping would be a nice experience and outing for them. The aim of the outing was to promote fellowship between parents, teachers and children so that they can get to know each other better. Altogether there were 21 people who joined the outing.

Some of my highlights of the trip were seeing the older kids play with the younger kids after a short period of time and that there was no device usage except for photo taking.

After the 2 days 1 night camping trip, I could not help but realize that the trip was a perfect opportunity to learn about love. Throughout the planning and preparation, as well as during the trip, I was able to observe that we loved, served and cared for one another. Examples include:

  • offering of transportation
  • sharing of camping equipment
  • cooking for each other
  • helping each other build tents
  • washing dishes for others
  • helping others to look for lost things

Although unexpected, this trip was a really good lesson in love because actions speak louder than words. I feel that everyone is innately kind but often we may be too busy or distracted by other things to notice others’ needs. Let us slow down our pace of life and I believe that loving one another in our daily lives will come naturally like how it was during our camping trip.

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