He Directs Our Paths

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” (Prov 3:5-6)

We are to trust God with all our hearts and not depend on what we know. We may not always know what lies ahead. At all times, we should include God in everything we do. This way, we give Him a chance to keep us on the right track. Nothing is so serious that God can’t solve it, and nothing is too small that God can’t care about it. It is like the relationship between the Lord Jesus Christ and the universe. He is so big that He fills the entire universe, and He is so small that He lives in our hearts. If we have faith in God, our anxiety and unease can be minimized when things are tough.

In our journey of life, it is impossible to act entirely according to our own will. Sometimes God will cause us to encounter difficulties. In these times, prayers allow us to understand God’s will more clearly and prevent us from suffering. We can gradually comprehend God’s good intentions for us through the difficulties of life. When a predicament strikes and our heart starts to be upset, it is time to pray.

“Cause me to hear Your lovingkindness in the morning, For in You do I trust; Cause me to know the way in which I should walk, For I lift up my soul to You.” (Ps 143:8)

If we want to truly rely on God, then we must calm down in our hearts. Isa 30:15 reads, “In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” If our hearts are chaotic, the difficulties will be enlarged. When we are able to be still, we can meditate on God’s words, pray and listen to God’s wills, and allow God to do what He has in store for us. We need not interfere, as we often feel the need to do things in our own understanding and strength. However, when we are calm, we can give the problems to God, and rely and wait on His help. If we receive strength from God and handle problems with calmness, we can not only overcome problems but also receive rest in the Lord.

“Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.” (Ps 37:5)

To commit ourselves to the Lord means entrusting everything to Him – our lives, families, jobs, possessions to His control and guidance. To commit ourselves to the Lord means to trust in him, believing that He can care for us better than we can ourselves. We should involve God in all our ways and this way, we give Him a chance to direct our steps in the right direction.

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