Same Situation, Different State of Mind

Still I am certain to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.

Ps 27:13 (BSB)

Sometimes God resolves our problems immediately. Other times God seems silent. When problems arise, we may be confident in God’s help and kneel before Him with a hopeful heart. But when hours, days, and years go by, and there is still no improvement to our situation, we may feel discouraged, afraid, or even angry. These are natural responses to uncertainty and distress, but if we focus on these negative feelings, we may eventually lose hope and doubt God.

Like us, David went through a long period of distress when his enemies relentlessly sought to kill him. Forced to leave his country in order to escape, David didn’t know when he could return. With such indefinite tribulation, his heart was often riddled with fear, distress, and loneliness. But David shifted his focus: he remembered that God is his salvation and strength. He remembered how God had previously defeated his enemies. He remembered God’s promise to protect and exalt him.

Although the unpleasant situation remained, David was certain that God’s goodness would be revealed. He believed he would emerge victorious with God’s abidance and guidance. David’s heart was no longer filled with fear and doubt but with trust and submission. His steadfast belief in God’s ultimate goodness helped cultivate his patience.

Today, we may grow weary while waiting for an answer from God. In times of uncertainty or prolonged distress, do we dwell on fear and doubt? Although we may be discouraged for a while, we should not let negative thoughts and feelings jeopardize our faith. Perhaps our suffering has a higher purpose. As our heavenly Father, God loves and cares for us – we can trust that He has our best interests at heart. Perhaps our predicament is actually a blessing in disguise. As the Almighty God, He has absolute control – we can trust that whatever happens is the best, even when it may not be what we expected.

Let us believe that we will ultimately see God’s goodness. Then, we will find strength to wait patiently for God.

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