A place where we can nourish our souls and offer the little that we have.
May God feed all who pass this way.

The name of this True Jesus Church blog was inspired by the miracle of Jesus feeding the five thousand recorded in John 6:1-14. While recorded in the other gospel books, John is the only one who makes mention of the little boy who offered his five barley loaves and two small fish.

Andrew, the disciple who found the boy, even said of the offering, “What are they among so many?” Indeed what the boy had was insignificant, but Jesus accepted his offering and turned what was insignificant into abundance with much to spare.

This miracle tells us what Jesus can do with the writing that we offer Him, no matter how small we are or how little we have. As long as we are willing to share the grace we have received from God, as the little boy did with his only rations, then there are miracles yet to be seen.

It is our sincere hope that this blog can reach many more places around the globe and bring the word of God to all those who seek Him.