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Prayer Changes Everything

As breathing is essential to the physical body, prayer is essential to the health and well-being of our spiritual bodies. It is the foundation of our faith and our mode of communication with God. However, as we go about our busy lives, we often get caught up in the worries and the pleasures of the world. Prayer often becomes a formality, a ritual, or something we simply need to check off of our To-Do list. We may know that prayer is good for us, but this may simply remain as something we know but do not truly experience. As a result, we may have prayers without direction, prayers that feel long and unfulfilling, or prayers that leave us feeling emptier and further away from God. We may even wonder, “Why pray at all? Does it really help?” 

Be the Master of Time

Partly translated from the article by Lirio in the Holy Spirit Monthly, June 2018, Issue 489, pp. 70-71.

Today, people become more and more dependent on their cellphones. Do you spend a lot of time on the cellphone? Have you ever thought how your time passed by? Everyone has 24 hours in a day. So how do we grasp hold of the limited time and make the best out of the available time? Let’s see what the Bible says.

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How to Be Contented?

According to the Collins Dictionary, “contented” means that the individual is satisfied with his life and the situation that he is in. Likewise, Oxford Dictionary defines “contented” as feeling happy and satisfied. So, how does the Bible teach us to be contented? With reference to the above definitions, we can learn how to be contented by first understanding and learning how to be satisfied and joyful.

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Don’t Overworry, It’s Very Silly

Don’t worry about tomorrow,
What can it do?
Tell it to shoo!
Can’t you see your life by it becomes hollow?

Remember God takes care of the sparrow;
Worry too much,
God’s grace you won’t touch,
Why not His holy name hallow?

Take each day as it comes and be mellow,
Enjoy the spring and the summer,
A simple piece of bread and butter,
With thanksgiving, let your life sing as a cello.