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Into the Fellowship with Our Lord Jesus Christ

God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. (1 Cor 1:9)

We often use the term ‘fellowship’ among a group of people having common interests, ideals, or experiences. There are several fellowship groups formed in the church such as youth fellowship, sister fellowship, senior or evergreen fellowship, and so on. Have we thought of having fellowship with our Lord Jesus Christ? True Christian fellowship is made possible only by and through a living relationship with God.

How can we have fellowship with God? In 1 John, the apostle John explains what it means to have fellowship with God. He explains how believers can walk in God’s light and have fellowship with Him and one another (1 Jn 1:7). Continue reading

With Fervent Desire

In 2009, I made the biggest move of my life to date from the east coast to the west coast. Having grown up in the east coast, this meant leaving friends and family with whom I had developed relationships for many years. Before the actual move, I wanted to spend one last meal with my closest friends so I could say my proper farewells and formally prepare myself for the transition.

This is a pretty typical human experience. When we are leaving a place that we have stayed in for some time, a place with its associated memories, experiences, and friendships, would we not want to spend one final moment with those we treasure in that place? Would we not desire the company of those we love and value most?

Jesus did. Continue reading

The Best Gifts

I have a pair of earrings that are made out of pink and white seashells and they are very precious to me—more than any pair of earrings I have owned.  I value them so because these earrings were hand-crafted by my most cherished friend.

Sometimes the best gifts in life have little to do with the gift itself but more with the one who gave it.  God gives us many gifts.  They come in the form of a talent, a good job, and a warmly lit sky at sunset.  There is much that God wants to bestow on us but we must believe and wait for His timing because every perfect gift requires faith and more so patience.
Continue reading

Sir, Give Me This Water

I remember my peers beginning to date as early as grade school.  I am humored by a memory from kindergarten when a student promised to pick me up on his future motorcycle to go on a date.  It starts with subtle and innocent interactions whereby curiosity and a crush lead further.  For many women, dating becomes a prevalent struggle early on in age.  It might have to do in part with the curse we inherited from Eve, that our desire would be for our husband, but the struggle also originates from other sources that vary for each person.

Some of us do not have a good relationship with our father.  Ideally, in a father-to-daughter relationship, the father would be the figure to provide comfort, confidence, and the endearment that a young princess needs.  But when these are missing in a girl’s childhood, she grows up feeling insecure and hungry for the attention she never received from her father even if her relationship with her mother is good.   As a result, she turns to companionship with men for comfort. Continue reading

Mordecai, the Unsung Hero

When I read the book of Esther, I am always so amazed at the beauty of her character—the gentle, quiet spirit that surpasses all adornments and that is so pleasing to God (1 Pet 3:4). I am always so envious of how she seemed to obtain the favor of all who saw her, how courageous, selfless, and wise she was in her dealings with the problems that surrounded her life, and how readily she entrusted everything to God through prayer!

But this time around, my eyes were opened to the great love, faith, and humility of someone I had always seemed to brush over: Mordecai.

Though the Bible never hints at whether or not Mordecai had his own family to take care of, we can see from his actions that his heart was faithfully devoted to his own family, his people, and to his God. Continue reading